The Top 5 Foods You have Got To Try In Cape Town!

Are you planning a trip to Cape Town in the near future? If you are, get ready for a treat for all of your senses! That’s right your eyes will feast on bold colors, your ears will enjoy traditional music boasted by this stunning part of the world, however, the sense that may be in for the biggest treat of all is your sense of taste!

Cape Town sure knows how to offer amazing food. In fact, it is more than possible to spend your entire vacation time eating, if you so wish to do so!

While there are endless amounts of meals and foods to try in Cape Town, we are going to tell you about five choices that e really do not think that you should miss out on.

A Monkeygland Burger Or Steak At The Spur

Please don’t worry, we are not talking about harming any real monkeys here! However, if you are a burger fan you really need to try these specialties, once you have tasted a burger like this, there is every chance that you will never want to eat another type of burger again!

Traditional Street Food – Sausage Rolls

Even if you are not usually a sausage roll fan, you need to try the sausage rolls which are sold by the street vendors on the streets of Cape Town. Now, when we say that they are a meal we mean it. We doubt that you will have much room for anything else for quite a few hours after eating one of these famous sausage rolls of Cape Town.

Be sure to ask for all the trimmings and take your time to sit down and get tucked in. In fact, these sausage rolls are so finger-licking good that we are sure your first one will not be your last one during your trip to Cape Town!

Waterblommetjie Bredie

We know that this may sound like a little bit of a mouthful to say, but trust us it sure does deliver on a mouthful of divine goodness and delicious indulgence! In a few words, it’s a lamb and pondweed stew. Granted, this description may not sound so appealing, and actually, the stew itself may not be the prettiest stew in the worlds, but trust us the taste is something to be remembered for all the right reasons. Whatever you do, do not leave Cape Town without having a taste this traditional dish that delivers in a way that would be hard to compete with.

Barbecued Snoek

Snoek is a local fish to the area and one that is enjoyed by the locals. They usually barbecue the fish and serve it with apricot jam (yes, you heard us right, jam and fish do go well together!), or they may serve the fish dried and salted.

Braai like a pro. 

By the way, in Cape Town they don’t call it barbecued snoek, they call it braaied fish, it’s their word for barbecue so if you see a sign for it, get yourself in the line!

If the snoek is dried and salted it will be called bokkoms and is equally as worthy of tasting.

A Braai

Since we have already taught you this word we should actually include it in our list of the top 5 meals you need to have in Cape Town. The people here sure do know how to do an amazing barbecue and if you want an unforgettable culinary experience get yourself to a restaurant that offers a braai and make sure you are hungry when your reservation comes around.

Indeed Cape Town is a treat for all the senses, but we are sure you will agree with us that your sense of taste is going to be in seventh heaven!

Seven Reasons To Visit Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, is known for its vibrant nightlife, varied selection of attractions, impressive scenery and a wide variety of accommodation options.

Here’s a list of reasons why everyone should make a visit to this part of the world at least once in their lifetime.


Cape Town gives visitors a glimpse of the variety of wild animal species available in South Africa. At the Cape of Good Hope visitors will find a protected nature reserve where zebras, ostriches and baboons enjoy their wild surroundings. The whale watching season runs between the months of June and November. If you’d prefer to see some penguins, then check out Boulder’s Beach.

Wine Culture

South Africa is one of the world’s top wine producers; while Cape Town is considered to be the gateway to the South African wine country. The Cape Winelands is home to numerous wine routes (around 18 official routes) and a couple of brandy routes as well.

Visitors are encouraged to get out of the city and take part in an exciting tour of this part of the country, sampling top quality wines in an awe inspiring backdrop.


Over the years South Africa has earned a reputation of being a rainbow nation inhabited by people of all races and cultures. This is very much evident in Cape Town, and the wide variety of dining options on offer. Whether you are interested in fast food, African, Indian, Mexican or Middle Eastern dining, the city and its environs definitely have something to for you.

When it comes to fine dining, the city’s Central Business District and the Cape Winelands should be top on your list.


Shopping is definitely one of the most important aspects of any exciting getaway, and Cape Town gives you every opportunity to indulge your preferences. Whether you are looking to get your hands on world renowned luxury brands, or simply want some souvenirs to take home with you, the city has you covered.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing check out the bigger shopping centers such as the V&A Waterfront; smaller options such as the Promenade in Camps Bay; and interesting local markets such as Church Street Antique Market


Cape Town is strategically located at the meeting point of two oceans; the warmer Indian Ocean and the cooler Atlantic Ocean. This gives beach lovers the opportunity to enjoy two distinctly interesting experiences along the same coastline. One of the must visit beaches on the Indian Ocean side is Boulder’s Beach, as mentioned above, while on the Atlantic ocean side you have the Clifton Beaches among others.

Cape Town Beaches 

Although the conditions allow for all-year surfing, the best time for hitting the waves is between July and September.

Scenic Landscape

Cape Town’s landscape is nothing short of impressive. It goes from the low lying world class beaches to the high altitude Table Mountain. Visitors can make their way up to the top of this world renowned mountain, where they can take in impressive panoramic views of everything from the city down below, to the ocean far beyond the white sandy beaches.

For an even better view of the surroundings, consider taking the Table Mountain Cable Car up to the mountain top.

Art And History

Nothing explains better the identity and history of a people than their art. Cape Town is home to a variety of art galleries and museums showcasing both local and international artifacts and art pieces. Some of the main options available include the South African Museum and Company Gardens, Robben Island Gateway Museum and the South African National Art Gallery among others.

As you can see from the above list, there are so many reasons why you should consider making a visit to Cape Town, South Africa.

5 Of The Top Wine Farms In Cape Town

The culinary culture in Cape Town is booming in the vibrant Mother City and you will really be spoiled for choices when searching for the best wines. This is because Cape Town is surrounded by a number of award-winning wine estates. Here is a list of 5 of the top wine farms on offer.

1. Creation Wines

Perched high on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge which translates to “heaven on earth”, this wine farm is close to Hermanus an intimate coastal town. Creation Estate is the home to a prestigious cellar along with a tasting room, where you can experience cool climate award winning wines that are paired up with delectable morsels.

2. Moreson Wine Estate

Moreson Wine Estate is described as a beautiful garden-paradise situated on the end part of the Happy Valley Road, found on outskirts of a town named Franschhoek. Surrounded by citrus trees and vines along with a babbling brook, the tasting room offers a delightful cottage and rustic appeal.

While taking in the outstanding beauty of this peaceful estate, guests are offered handcrafted charcuteries which are paired with a few of the award-winning Moreson wines. The pairings are each aimed at showcasing characteristics of the wine and the charcuterie, along with how they enhance one another in a unique and delectable way.

3. Morgenster Wine And Olive Estate

The Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate is a well-known wine and olive farm that dates back as far as 1711, which has been in the business of producing Bordeaux-style wines which are internationally-acclaimed along with high-quality extra-virgin olive oils which are rated as one of the top 12 in the world.

Not so long ago, Morgenster partnered with Jane Stewart a local chocolatier who produces the very finest Belgian chocolates. Together the wines and the chocolates has resulted in an exotic pairing which keeps guests coming back for more.

4. Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons

Rupert & Rothschilds Vignerons is a world-renowned estate owned by 2 great families known as the Rupert’s along with the Rothschilds and is the home to an outstanding tasting. Their 5-course Wines of the World, Wine and Food Tasting is paired with a number of local wines along with a few international Rothschild wines, which are derived from exclusive Rothschild properties based in New Zealand, Argentina and France, which makes each experience at this prestigious estate truly unforgettable.

The Rupert and Rothschild’s tasting room is a firm favorite among wine connoisseurs, with a fresh and elegant décor designed by Christo Barnard. This venue features large-glass open windows that look over the majestic Simonsberg Mountains. This estate also boasts a world-class restaurant, where all the meals are made fresh from scratch. There are a few exotic South Africa offerings such as Springbok and Karoo Lamb.

5. Fairview

Fairview was the very first of the cellars based in Cape Town to offer sales and wine tasting to the general public, which initiated a movement that many people from across the globe have come to appreciate. When you ask where you can find some of the best wine and cheese pairings many of the locals with recommend Fairview with its iconic goat tower.

If you enjoy cheese, Fairview is the ideal family-friendly cheesery and wine farm that is the home to the 1st goat cheese in South Africa. Situated in Paarl, this beautiful and sprawling estate is the home to more than 100 female goats, that enjoy basking on the famous “goat tower”. Here you can enjoy unique cheese and wine tasting which includes selections of 6 to 8 Fairview goat’s milk and Jersey milk cheeses that are paired with 6 of the best Fairview wines.

The Top 5 Landmarks To Visit In Cape Town

If you are taking a trip to Cape Town, you will be inundated with things to do. However, there are certain landmarks that you need to take the time to visit. These landmarks will ensure that you take in the beauty and diversity that Cape Town has to offer.

Table Mountain

The famous Table Mountain is one landmark that you cannot miss when in Cape Town, both visually and as part of your itinerary. The flat-topped mountain is a hiker’s dream with over 300 different routes that you are able to take. However, if you are not the hiking type, you can also take a cable car to the top and not have to worry about anything.

The cable car is something that you might want to think about even if you are an avid hiker. The special revolving floors of the cars provide a 360-degree view of the city and the mountain. You will also be able to get a summer ticket for the sunset special which allows you to see the sunset from the top of one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Robben Island

Off the coast of Cape Town sits a 5.07 square kilometer island which is famous. Robben Island is where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27-year prison sentence. The island actually has a very long history of being used as a prison and was first opened as such in the 17th century by Dutch settlers before being used by the British settlers and the South African Government.

Robben Island is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. There is a ferry that takes you to the island from the V&A Waterfront. On the island, you can enjoy a guided tour and understand the history of the prison.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Another landmark that you need to visit is Chapman’s Peak Drive. This is one of the most scenic drives in the world and consists of a 9-kilometer long winding road. The road is carved into the almost vertical face of a mountain and follows the coastline between Noordhoek and Hout Bay.

The drive is affectionately known by locals as Chappies and boasts some of the most sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. You will also be able to see the Sentinel which is the mountain peak that guards Hout Bay. It is recommended that you take your time when driving along Chappies.

The Cape Point Nature Reserve

If you are looking for the natural scenery that Cape Town has to offer, the Cape Point Nature Reserve is the best place to go. From magnificent views of the ocean to secluded beaches and miles of fynbos, there will be something for everyone. The reserve offers a number of hiking trails that you can take along with water sports activities.

The Cape Point Nature Reserve

You could also make your way to the old lighthouse. This can be done by foot or you could take the Flying Dutch Funicular and enjoy the views of the tip of Africa. This nature reserve is located in the Table Mountain National Park and includes the Cape of Good Hope.

The Cape Winelands

No trip to Cape Town is complete without a visit to the Cape Winelands. This landmark can be found just a 30-minute drive out of the city and features some of the most picturesque wine estates in the country. The estates are centered around the towns of Stellenbosch, Constantia, and Franschhoek which date back more than 300 years.

Explore the Cape Winelands

When visiting the Winelands, you need to take your time as you can spend days sipping on award-winning wines. You can also enjoy some of the top cuisines in the country on the wine estates.