The Top 5 Foods You have Got To Try In Cape Town!

Are you planning a trip to Cape Town in the near future? If you are, get ready for a treat for all of your senses! That’s right your eyes will feast on bold colors, your ears will enjoy traditional music boasted by this stunning part of the world, however, the sense that may be in for the biggest treat of all is your sense of taste!

Cape Town sure knows how to offer amazing food. In fact, it is more than possible to spend your entire vacation time eating, if you so wish to do so!

While there are endless amounts of meals and foods to try in Cape Town, we are going to tell you about five choices that e really do not think that you should miss out on.

A Monkeygland Burger Or Steak At The Spur

Please don’t worry, we are not talking about harming any real monkeys here! However, if you are a burger fan you really need to try these specialties, once you have tasted a burger like this, there is every chance that you will never want to eat another type of burger again!

Traditional Street Food – Sausage Rolls

Even if you are not usually a sausage roll fan, you need to try the sausage rolls which are sold by the street vendors on the streets of Cape Town. Now, when we say that they are a meal we mean it. We doubt that you will have much room for anything else for quite a few hours after eating one of these famous sausage rolls of Cape Town.

Be sure to ask for all the trimmings and take your time to sit down and get tucked in. In fact, these sausage rolls are so finger-licking good that we are sure your first one will not be your last one during your trip to Cape Town!

Waterblommetjie Bredie

We know that this may sound like a little bit of a mouthful to say, but trust us it sure does deliver on a mouthful of divine goodness and delicious indulgence! In a few words, it’s a lamb and pondweed stew. Granted, this description may not sound so appealing, and actually, the stew itself may not be the prettiest stew in the worlds, but trust us the taste is something to be remembered for all the right reasons. Whatever you do, do not leave Cape Town without having a taste this traditional dish that delivers in a way that would be hard to compete with.

Barbecued Snoek

Snoek is a local fish to the area and one that is enjoyed by the locals. They usually barbecue the fish and serve it with apricot jam (yes, you heard us right, jam and fish do go well together!), or they may serve the fish dried and salted.

Braai like a pro. 

By the way, in Cape Town they don’t call it barbecued snoek, they call it braaied fish, it’s their word for barbecue so if you see a sign for it, get yourself in the line!

If the snoek is dried and salted it will be called bokkoms and is equally as worthy of tasting.

A Braai

Since we have already taught you this word we should actually include it in our list of the top 5 meals you need to have in Cape Town. The people here sure do know how to do an amazing barbecue and if you want an unforgettable culinary experience get yourself to a restaurant that offers a braai and make sure you are hungry when your reservation comes around.

Indeed Cape Town is a treat for all the senses, but we are sure you will agree with us that your sense of taste is going to be in seventh heaven!